Premium Ice Cream & SodaFloat

The Gofer Ice Cream Float, delicious Gofer Premium Ice Cream lovingly floated a top your favorite soda.

You are sure to love these bubbly treats!



WHAT's Inside

A scoop of delicious Gofer Super Premium or Premium Soft, floated a top your choice of carbonated soda. An all time favorite! Bubbly, frothy, creamy. Served with long soda spoon and a paper straw.  

Some other options for the traditionalists, try our Old Fashioned Cream Soda in chocolate or vanilla flavors.  Or try the Egg Cream, a carbonated, no ice cream, chocolate milk. An off the menu treat, only available for in store ordering. 


Ice Cream Flavor

  • Vanilla Premium
  • Chocolate Premium
  • Plus 48+ Flavors

Beverage Options

  • Root Beer
  • Cream Soda
  • Vanilla Soda
  • Chocolate Soda
  • Pepsi Cola
  • Cold Brew Nitro Coffee!