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Ice Cream Party Box

Ice Cream Party Box

What is the Party Box?

It’s a complete party in a box. This is a fun and economical way to self host your own party! Enjoy making your own ice cream sundae creations just the way you like it. Everything for a perfect party is included… ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, toppings, cups, spoons… we even throw in the napkins!

Pick your favorite flavors and get ready to have the party of the summer… Call us today for details or order here scroll down this page! 

Ice Cream Party Box

 It’s a complete party in a box. 

Choose from an assortment of flavors, Gofer premium hard ice cream, sorbet, Gofer Frozen Yogurt, or Plant-Based non-dairy! We have everything you need for an awesome event!        

Great for events: 25-75 people


Choose your Party Size

  • 25-75 people

Choose your ice cream type

  • Premium Ice Cream
  • Plant-Based
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Fruit Sorbet and Ice

Great for all Event Types

  • Corporate Events
  • Apartment Communities
  • Birthday and Holiday Parties
  • Fundraiser and Charity Events
  • Any Special Occasion!


How long will the ice cream stay cold?

The Stay Cold Cooler usually gives you up to 2 hours to get your party on. The time will depends on how well the internal box temperature is kept. We include a layer of ice on the bottom of the box to extend the cooling time.

How many people does the Party Box serve?

The Party Box is best suited for parties of 25-75 people. Choose from the Junior 25 scoop party, or the 45, 60, or 75 scoop party.

Gofer Ice Cream has party options for all sized parties. If your party is under 20 people we suggest you try one of our Gofer Ice Cream Frozen Ice Cream Cakes (serving 6-20 people) or if you are in an extra special mood make it a Junior Party Box! A party that serves more than 25 scoops!

For larger parties, 75-1500+ people we suggest you check out our Catered Events options. Our catering team will come to your location, set-up the deluxe ice cream cart and scoop all your favorites. You will receive the an awesome catered ice cream event and be the envy of all your guests.

Will you deliver my Party Box?

Typically we do not deliver. The Party Box is designed for pick-up and will easily fit in to your car. For our corporate customers, we will deliver if we have the manpower available. It is not part of the standard pricing package. Delivery charges can range $50.00 – $75.00.

How do I order my Party Box?

You can order on-line by completing the short form below or call your local store direct for more details. Please give us at least 48 hours notice to ensure the Party Box availability.

 Tip: If you are planning a surprise party, make sure to let us know it is a “surprise”.  Let us know the best way to get a hold of you, some customers give us a work number or personal cell phone number. We don’t want to blow your surprise plans, so be sure to let us know.

What choices in flavors do I have?

Contact us for seasonal flavors. When ordering you can discuss your options with a Gofer Team Member. Typically you can choose from any flavor of Gofer Ice Cream, Gofer Sorbet, Plant-Based or GO-YO Frozen Yogurt.

When do I need to return the Party Box?

Generally we will need the Box back the next day. We will let you know if we need it sooner. We hold your credit card on file in case you like the Box so much you end up keeping it… we will charge you the Party Box replacement fee. See our Rental Agreement page for more information.

How do I set up the Party Box?

Check out the “Instructions” page on this website for more information.

Do I get a discount if I refer my friends?

Absolutely. Tell-a-Friend and get % discount on your next Party Box order.

Is the Party Box available in my area? 

Possibly. Contact us by completing the Party Box Order form. We will be in contact with you to confirm it’s availability. 


Party Box Junior  –  2 flavors, Serves up to 30  $149.00

Party Box 45 –  3 flavors, Serves up to 45  $220.00

Party Box 60 –  3 flavors, Serves up to 60  $295.00

Party Box 75 –  3 flavors, Serves up to 75  $349.00

Party Box 100 –  3 flavors, Serves up to 100  $450.00


  • Up to three flavors of GOFER Ice Cream
  • Hot fudge including the warming fudge pump or optional chocolate syrup

  • Three dry toppings of your choice

  • Whipped cream

  • Complete with cups, napkins, spoons & scoops

  • Stay Cool Ice Cream Party Box Cooler


ORDER Your Party Box Here

Complete this short form to order your Ice Cream Party Box. We will contact you to confirm the details and finalize the order.

Other Party Options

Catered Event

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The guy working behind the counter made us the best milkshakes I have ever had! There were so many different flavors to choose from it made me feel like a kid again…

Kevin W

Yummy! Good selection of scooped ice cream, frozen yogurt, Sorbet.

Tony L

Terrific place for good ice cream. They have a variety of different flavors and cones to appeal to everyone’s tastes. The service is very good.

Mark L

The most variety of ice cream in the area. They have GREAT milkshakes and even offer dairy free ice cream… WOW!   Two thumbs up!

Drus SL
Gofer Fan

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