3 flavors and ripe banana

Banana Split

    The GOFER Banana Split starts with a ripened split banana and loaded up with 3 ice cream flavors of your choice. Add 3 of your favorite toppings, real dairy whipped cream, and a red cherry!

    What’s inside

    • Any 3 Flavors of GOFER Ice Cream of your choice
    • One whole ripened banana
    • Any 3 toppings of your choice
    • Real dairy whipped cream
    • Topped with the classic cherry

      Ice Cream Flavors

      • Any 3 of your flavorite flavors
      • Choose from 48+ Flavors 


      • Hot Fudge
      • Hot Caramel
      • Strawberry
      • Pineapple
      • Nuts
      • Sprinkles 
      • Or any other topping you desire!


      Gofer Crew Favorite.

      What’s My Favorite?

      “I love the M’nM Razzle! Hits the spot every time”

      Gofer Crew

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