Gofer Ice Cream Cakes

We offer a variety of ice cream cakes and pies. Made fresh in store, available Ready-Made or Gourmet Custom Order. Choose from our line of gourmet cakes in assorted flavors or try our signature frosted two layered cake with a rich fudge and cookie crunch middle… you’ll love it!


Ready-Made Cake 

Our Ready-Made cakes are made fresh daily and are always found in the take-out freezer. Fast and easy, just swing by your local Gofer Ice Cream shop and pick up a signature frosted two layer cake. Chocolate and Vanilla separated by a rich layer of fudge and crisp cookie crunch.
For that extra special touch, put an edible image on it and wish a Happy Birthday or Congratulations in colorful gel writing.


Gourmet Custom Order Cake

Looking for an even more special party? Custom Order a gourmet cake from our line of gourmet cakes in assorted flavors. Just call or stop in a couple days in advance and order any combination of our premium flavors that you like.


Ice Cream Pie

Shake it up and try something new. A Gofer Ice Cream Pie is an awesome idea. Our most popular pies are ten inches of pure bliss!
Oreo Delight – Oreo pie shell filled with Premium Oreo ice cream and chocolate bits.
PB Pie – Chocolate pie shell filled with Gofer peanut butter cup ice cream and chocolate bits.
Heath Bar Surprise – Chocolate pie shell filled with Heath Bar ice cream chocolate bits.
Brownie Pie – Chocolate pie shell, your choice of premium Gofer ice cream mixed with brownie bits.

We have over 56 flavors to choose from… don’t worry, we’ll walk you through your options. So you are sure to get the cake or pie you’ll love! 


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You can call ahead and place an order or stop in to see our fresh ready made cakes… they go fast … best reserve yours today! Enjoy!!

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Looking for an extra special design for your cake?

Edible images are available and can be added to any cake. You can see a complete design book at any of our Gofer locations. We have over 60 images to choose from… call or stop in today to see the latest designs. Available design category are: Sports, Flowers, Popular cartoons, Famous people and many other designs. For a complete list visit us in store.