EN43:  Essential Nutrient Smoothie

We have expanded our Gofer menu to include healthier, nutritious options! Say what!!??

Over the past 15 years we have grown and expanded our company’s services beyond great tasting premium ice cream treats. Our personal interests in living healthier, more well balanced lives, has grown our belief that proper nutrition is the cornerstone to good health. Mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health, all are rooted back to good nutrition.

The EN43 Smoothie is a delicious chocolate drink with the right balance of 43 high quality Essential Nutrients. Its protein packed with rapidly absorbed raw amino acids, it fuels performance and aids in recovery. No bad stuff, no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, or colors. An incredible meal replacement, feel full for hours. A great aid for both pre and post workouts. An amazing nutritious snack! This smoothie is satisfying to the last delicious chocolatey drop.

In store special price:  Only $3.50.  Available at all Gofer Ice Cream locations.    

Enjoy at home with a large 15 serving bulk bag and save! Only $38.00 ($2.50 per serving) with Free shipping! Buy this bulk bag of EN43 smoothie from our Gofer43 web store and save off retail prices! http://gofer43.com  Note: Bulk bag is only available online, not in store. 

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The most important aspect of protein is its essential amino acid profile. Our Raw Amino Power delivers all essential amino acids in a manner that your body will rapidly absorb, giving you immediate energy and improved recovery. Our mix of essential amino acids and high quality protein offers the additional benefit of a sustained release. This revolutionary blend gives your body exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Each serving delivers these 12 Essential Amino Acids recommended by the World Health Organization:

– Leucine – Lysine – Cysteine – Tyrosine – Threonine – Histidine – Isoleucine – Methionine – Phenylalanine – Tryptophan – Valine – Arginine –

No Bad Stuff:  NO MSG, Trans Fat, High Sodium, Preservatives, Processed Sugar, Artificial Dyes or Colors.  In order to preserve maximum nutrition, our food is never cooked or made using high heat. We always have the right balance of all 43 essential nutrients.

yevo en43 smoothie benefits

Visit http://Gofer43.com for more product information and to purchase for free home delivery. Why do you need 43 essential nutrients? What is the big deal with 43?  Find out here >> http://gofer43.com.