Greenwich, Conn., November 18, 2009 – Gofer Ice Cream LLC today announced it will be opening two new shops in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The first addition to the chain, to open this winter, will be in downtown Fairfield. The second new shop will follow debuting sometime in 2010, in downtown Bridgeport. “We are excited to expand the company into new markets. We hope to replicate the success we have had over the past seven seasons in our initial shops.” commented Jay Ragusa, President of Gofer Ice Cream LLC. “I am keenly aware of the economy and undertaking such expansion is not without its risks. However, I believe we have proven our business model works, people seem to like it, and the prospects for each of the new locations are very bright. Also, we feel fortunate to be working with two additional great developers on these ambitious projects. We had a favorable experience with Baywater Properties in the rebuilding of our Darien shop and we can see how having a professional landlord that is very involved in our success is an important factor in that success. We couldn’t pass up these opportunities to book-end our Fairfield County foot print” he also stated.

The parlor in Fairfield will be located at 1241 Post Road in the center known as “The Brick Walk”. (See rendering attached) Developer and owner Ken Kleban of Kleban Properties commented on Gofer’s prospects; “We are thrilled to welcome Gofer Ice Cream as the newest addition to complement the Lifestyle center at The Brick Walk. Gofer’s presence is one more reason to spend quality time among our service and specialty retailers, and restaurants. Shop our shops, enjoy our restaurants, and cap the experience with Gofer’s quality ice cream.”

Downtown Bridgeport is currently undergoing a massive revitalization and Gofer Ice Cream looks to be a pioneer in forwarding that effort. The shop will be located on 1019 Main Street in the building know as The Arcade. The project is a stunning historic restoration of one of the nations first enclosed shopping malls, originally built in 1840. Gofer will be a great choice for ice cream and treats in the downtown Bridgeport area, serving the thousands of daytime workers and a growing residential population. “We maybe early, but as the development progresses I am hopeful this location grows with the city to become just as successful as our other shops” stated Ragusa.

GDC Properties, the developer that has $80 million in commitments to downtown Bridgeport, representative Rich DeMarco commented; “Gofer Ice cream has consistently demonstrated a capability to enter a marketplace and deliver an extraordinary product along with great customer service within a beautifully built retail store. In general, it’s a wonderful family based environment that will compliment the many restaurants already established in the downtown and provides another outlet for the new apartment residents, university students, office workers and visitors to the downtown area. We are proud to have them join The Arcade as one of our first few tenants and look forward to seeing their business grow in step with the rest of the project.” GDC’s Carre Bevilacqua Harnett, the person responsible for bringing Gofer Ice Cream to the Bridgeport project, said; “Gofer sees the upside of downtown and the feeling will be mutual; how cool will it be to enjoy a Gofer ice cream with its own chocolate chip cone at McLevy Green, or at Seaside Park?”

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