You may have noticed after three seasons Gofer Ice Cream Darien is not there! It’s ok we planned this going into the town. We had a small seasonal store there to see if there was a demand and to establish ourselves in the community. We always knew that a possibility existed that we could be a part of a new shopping center some day on the same site. After several years of planning, and lots of work on many peoples’ part, the plan is now being put into action. We plan to re-open in the spring of 2008 with a larger shop We will be open year round and offer a full line of our new Gofer Ice, water Italian ice we have begun limited offering in our other shops this season. The new set up will have plenty of seating both inside and outside. These pictures are taken in June of 2007 from what will be the new “Gofer Plaza” park area with an outdoor seating area. You can also see the foundation is being poured. Stay tuned for future updated pictures…
We feel Gofer will become the center of town and be a major beneficiary of the entire Darien Revitalization. Unfortunately, this all takes time and so Gofer fans will need to go to our other shops this summer. We will make a showing with our ice cream cart on the Darien Sidewalk Sales day July 13th-14th 2007.

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