Mobile Events
We can cater your party or event! Through our Catering Services Division we will bring your choice of up to 12 flavors of our premium hand dipped ice cream or Gofer Ice (seasonality applies) to your home, business, apartment complex or wherever practical. We bring everything including the staff, the deluxe cart, portable sink, decorative serving table. All we require is electricity so your ice cream remains cold and your hot fudge remains hot. We can serve simple cups and cones or you can add the toppings bar option which is complete with your choice of sundae toppings right down to hot fudge and whipped cream.

* For somewhat smaller gatherings of less than 50 people, we can also make waffle cones right at the party location to give that increased special treat.

* For larger groups (100+) we don’t recommend the sundae toppings bar option, just simple cups and cones to keep the line moving.

For more detailed information see our Catered Events page under Entertainment tab.

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